What exactly is mushroom coffee?
Mushroom coffee is coffee with a twist. It's made by blending regular coffee with special mushrooms like lion's mane & chaga.

Why should I drink it?
People drink it for a mix of coffee flavor and potential health perks. It might boost focus, help you sleep better, and reduce coffee jitters.

What's it taste like?
Mushroom coffee has a unique taste that combines coffee's familiar flavor with earthy and slightly bitter mushroom notes. Some find it smoother than regular coffee.

Does it have caffeine?
Yes, it usually has caffeine from the coffee beans.

What if I'm allergic to mushrooms?
If you're allergic to mushrooms, be cautious or consult a doctor before trying mushroom coffee. Some might still tolerate it.


When's the best time to drink it?
You can enjoy it like regular coffee, morning or afternoon, for a caffeine boost without jitters.

How quickly will I feel its effects?
It varies. Some notice effects within minutes, while others take longer to feel changes in focus or mood.

Can I mix it with other stuff?
Sure! Mix it with milk, almond milk, or sweeteners to make it taste just how you like.

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